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Gojibell will begin air shipments of fresh organic goji berry to Europe starting June

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Gojibell, the specialist of organic goji berry production in Morocco will start shipping fresh goji berries by air cargo to many EU markets starting June. Gojibell is taking the lead by being 100% organic certified in all its production sites and packhouse in Morocco. Goji berry is a super food and most European consumers prefer it to be organic. By using air cargo, Gojibell is able to serve many of its customers on a weekly basis with the best quality possible. We are able to ship an order with a few days notice and have it delivered to our customers the next day after harvest. This service allows our fresh goji berries to have a longer shelf life with conserved freshness. Gojibell is the only producer of EOS and NOP certified organic goji berry in the Mediterranean region. We serve both the fresh market in the EU and the middle east as well as the food industry. Goji berry was historically grown in china where it's considered as a medicine used by the TCM to treat many illnesses. It has the highest antioxidants level of all fruits and vegetables. China does not exports its goji berry fresh but only in the dry form. Fresh goji berries conserve better their antioxidants and nutrients and have a very nice sweet taste appreciated by adults and children alike. Fresh goji berries can be consumed as a dessert or added to salads and smoothies and it can also be a rich ingredient in cooked dishes and pizzas. More consumers and high end restaurant chefs are discovering the fresh form of this super berry. With strong upward demand of fresh goji each year, it's set to be the next epic soft fruit in Europe in the coming years.